Why you should be massed in Bangkok?

The traditional Thai massages

The word Thailand pops up somewhere, and now you have in mind its idyllic beaches, its smiling people, its sumptuous temples, its delicious food… But the country is also globally renowned for its traditional massages. Yeah, this kind of massage that makes you feel all your bones when necessary! Here in Thailand, massage is an ancestral practice, also associated to traditional medicine. Thai massages combine the virtues of various legendary techniques.

Troubles are forgotten

Thanks to masseur’s magic fingers, muscular tensions are recovered, troubles are forgotten, and you feel relaxed. Used as a preventive or a curative remedy, massages are especially effective to treat back pain, blood flow issues, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, overall fatigue, tensions, etc. As you can read, massage is simply the ideal solution to feel generally better, and ready to deal with your busy life!

Another frankly cool point: the free tea offered after each massage session…

Some massage salons have a scandalous reputation… But we can assure you this concerns only a minority of them!

So… how to recognize a good massage salon, without Happy Ending?

Generally, you just need to carefully observe the salon front! If you can see masseuses with a seductive outfit, it is certainly a place with happy endings… In a real massage salon, masseuses wear most of the time a professional like uniform.

Massage practiced inside depends on the masseur’s own technique: you can go in a salon which isn’t much to look at, and eventually get an exceptional moment!


Different types of massage: 

Foot massage:

Literally, a massage of your feet and your calves. You may find it strange, but tension is especially high in this part of your body. After a foot massage, you’ll feel absolutely blessed and relaxed (have a try right now, and you’ll see ). Warmly recommended…

Thai  massage:

Well, that’s undoubtedly the less relaxing and unpleasant massage you could have! You have to be aware that this one is not made for everyone: if you have back problems or if you simply prefer soft massages, forget about it! Thai people are real fans though.

Oil massage:

Definitely one of the most relaxing and appreciated massages, since it is probably the softer of them all. There are so many other advantages: it nourishes your skin, and you are feeling as soft as a little girl! You can also choose the oil you prefer.

Herbal massage:

Undoubtedly our favorite! Indeed, herbal massage is practiced with gauzes filled with hot herbs. This is clearly something you may have never eperienced before, and it is really different from the other ones. Thanks to this pleasant warm sensation and the smell from the gauzes, relaxation is optimal!


Prices (+/-):

Foot massage: 150BTH

Thai massage: 200 BTH

Oil massage: 300 BTH

Herbal massage: 400 BTH


Our favorite salons in Bangkok: 


A recent chain with a sleek decoration and a pleasant atmosphere. To make it short, here you’ll find professional massages in a clean and calm environment, for an affordable price. The little extra: the herbal massage with hot gauzes!

There are two different salons in Bangkok. The first is near BTS Phrom Phong, next to the EmQuartier (take exit 4). The second is in Asoke, (exit 3 from the MRT, exit 4 from the BTS).


An independant little salon, near BTS Sala Daeng, in a charming setting: a small cosy wood house. The perfect place for a tonic massage, for an affordable price. Far from the busy center of Bangkok, this salon is considered as one of the best in the city, especially for its foot massage.


A famous chain in Thailand, with over 18 years of experience in traditional massages. You’ll find it everywhere in the country. Staff is especially kind and professional. The atmosphere is relaxing, pleasant and comfy.

On Nut neighborhood:

You’ll find in this Bangkok’s area plenty of little salons, alongside each other. We tested some of them, and we can definitely recommend you to give it a try! All salons are nice with a cheap price.


Our special tips

  • Simply trust your masseuse and just relax. Keep in mind that masseurs are professional, and if you are tense, the moment may be uncomfortable or even painful.
  • Notice that in Thailand, massages are usually harder than in any other parts of the world. Don’t forget to ask the masseur to make it softer for you, especially in case it’s a Thai massage.

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