Basic Vocabulary to survive in Thailand

Speaking Thaï, the vocabulary to survive




Hello (for a woman): Sawadeekha

Hello (for a man): Sawadee khrap

Thanks (for a woman): Khop khoun kha

Thanks (for a man): Khop khoun khrap

How are you? (for a woman): Sabaï dee mai ka?

How are you? (for a man): Sabaï dee mai khrap ?

I’m fine: Sabaï dee

I’m not feeling well: Mai sabai

Excuse me (for a woman): Kho thot ka
Excuse me (for a man): Kho thot khrap

How old are you?: A you tao rai ?

What’s your name?: Khoun tchu arai ?

My name is: Chan cheu

May I?: Dai mai ?




1: neung

2: song

3: sam

4: sii

5: haa

6: hok

7: tiet

8: pet

9: kao

10: sip

100: roï

1000: pan

2000: song pan




I want to go…: Chan ya pai (…)

Car: rot

Moto: motosaï

Bike: djak kra yan

Taxi: tek si

Train: rot faï

Bus: rot mé

Come back home: klap baan

How much?: tao rai khrap

Free: free

Slowly: a nou sawali




Today: wan ni

Yesterday: mua wan

Tomorrow: prougn ni




I’d like to eat…: Chan ya kin (…)

I’d like to drink…: Chan ya doum (…)

No spicy: May phet

No sugar: May wan

Eating: kin khao

Chicken: khai

Pork: mou

Duck: ped

Rice: khao plao

Sticky rice: khao nio

Water: nam plao

Beer: bia

Wine: wai deng

Toilets: hong naam

Delicious: aroi dee

Squid: pla muk

Shrimps: khung

Fish: pla

Ice: nam keng

Hot: ron

Cold: yen

I’d like/I don’t want: ao / mai ao

Can we smoke?: soup bouri dai mai

I’m hungry: hiou khao




It’s nothing: mai pen rai

I don’t know: mai roo

Dangerous: antarai

I don’t understand: mai khao djai

Do you speak English?: Put passa angkrit dai mai ?

Where is: yoo tee nai…

Yes: Tchai

No: Mai Chai




Man: pou tchai

Woman: pou yin

Child: louk

Son: louk tchai

Daughter: louk sao

Funny: sanook

French: farangset

English: angkrit


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