We tried a Gastronomic Trail around Bangkok!

A real local food experience

As a food and travel lover, you always consider mandatory to try the most authentic and popular local dishes in each country you go (another point in common with your favorite blogger BangkokVibes). You rather prefer eating in a street food than in a fancy restaurant, because you want to experiment real local food culture. If it’s the case, we’ve got another fantastic secret to share with you…

Do you remember Khalid, the French intern who chose Thailand to do his internship? (never mind if you don’t, click here and you’ll be forgiven).  He was working for Amazing Adventure Bangkok, a company that organizes touristic tours of the city through cultural and gastronomic challenges: you know us by now, this is typically the kind of activity we LOVE!


The Gastronomic Trail

We gave it a try this week, and we could not wait any longer to tell you more about this “amazing” day. We chose the Gastronomic Trail, obviously the most popular among Amazing Adventure clients until now.

WARNING: if you want to experiment this activity without being spoiled, do not read this article and check the Amazing Adventure website instead!


9am: let’s meet at Suan Plern Market, Rama IV, the Amazing Adventure team, all waiting for us with a smile. We had no clues about what would happen to us all day long… We were given a bag and envelopes, actually full of surprises (the first of the day). The first envelope contained the different challenges we’ll have to carry out during the day, (taking a selfie with a taxi driver, buying and tasting a dragon fruit or cooking a papaya salad with a chef…), the second contained the name of the places we had to find in Bangkok, and the last one was full of money, that our team had to take care of by ourselves and use sparingly, since it had to finance all our activities and transports. The more you save money and make challenges, the more you got points!

The first challenge

Willing to win, we decided to take a walk to our first challenge, located in Khlong Toei Market, probably one of the most authentic market in Bangkok (you definitely will have to wear closed shoes if you enter it, you’ll understand why…). Our first mission: finding all the ingredients to prepare a “som tum”, the famous national papaya salad. We had to interact with the locals to find most of them, and no need to tell you most of them did not know any English! Fortunately, we were given a list with the words in Thai, which was extremely helpful.

The second challenge

In order to get to the second challenge, we could not resist taking a tuk tuk in order to get to the Wat Klong Toei. We had to bargain a lot, and this was actually really funny. Once arrived, we could have a little time in the temple before starting the challenge, and we loved the calm and serenity of the place.

Now, let’s try a bit of thai food for real! We were quite hungry. It was a blindfolded food tasting: we were given two dishes, and we had to find the ingredients on it, just by the taste. This is something I didn’t do since I’m a child, but I have to say it was quite interesting: we start being more careful about each taste in our mouth, each feeling we get from the ingredients. I don’t regret this experience.

The third challenge

The third challenge was probably my own favorite: cooking a “som tum” with a street food cook! Using the ingredients bought in Khlong Toei Market, we cooked all together a (“may pèd” please!) papaya salad. I’ve been eating papaya salad for months, but cooking it by myself was such an accomplishment! Ours was quite delicious. I absolutely loved this moment with my friends and this adorable Thai family, willing to teach and help us better know their culture.

Let’s cross the river and go to Bang Kachao! You may remember how much we love this place, and we definitely recommend you seeing our video about it.
I was so happy coming back to this place… a bit less when we were proposed trying a pink egg!

The 4th challenge

To find the place of the 4th challenge, we took bikes upon arrival and traveled around the botanical garden. After the beautiful sightseeing we met with our fruit carving teacher who taught us how to perfectly carve a cucumber. She gave us some grades and afterwards we came back to the pier. It was a very pleasant moment.

The last challenge

Finally, we already had to come back in Suan Plearn Market to start out last challenge: ordering thai dishes by ourselves, with the best pronunciation possible. The perfect way to end this day with excellent thai dishes all around us, our team and Amazing Adventure staff!


Whether you are an expat or a tourist, you may absolutely try this experience, you’ll be able to better discover Thai culture through fun and authentic experiences. Definitely recommended!

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