The Best Temples in Bangkok

Our 5 favorite temples in Bangkok

Whoever thinks about Thailand would definitely have its sumptious temples in mind. In this Buddhism kingdom, you can hardly stroll around a neighborhood without coming across a temple or an altar. Regarding the difficulty to choose between them all, follow your favorite Bangkok guide online and discover our 5 favorite temples. All you have to do is picking your next visit !



If you only had one place to visit in Bangkok, that would probably be the Great Palace. This majestic symbol of Thai monarchy is condidered by many being the most beautiful place in the city. The royal family is still living in this sumptious palace, whose architecture is strongly inspired by the former capital city of Thailand, Ayutthaya. Do not expect to visit the private apartments though. Be sure to wear correct outfits : your knees and shoulders must always be hidden. Do not worry though if you only brought short and skirts in your luggage : you’ll always have the possibility to rent long clothes when entering the temple’s hall. We warmly recommand you to visit as early as possible, to avoid the heat and mass tourism.

Opening hours : Every day from 8 :30am to 3 :30pm

Price : 500 bahts

Warning : As each tourist attraction in Bangkok, the Great Palace is also popular among crooks. You may find taxi and tuk tuk drivers pretending the palace is closed for some reasons (Buddha Day for example), and they can suggest you a drive to another temple, so they will get commissions for this!

How to get there? 

Taxi instructions : พระบรมมหาราชวัง


You’ve seen hundred of pictures of the reclining Buddha and always wondered which temple enables you to see it? Don’t look any further! This huge and sumptious golden Buddha is located in Wat Pho. But there are plenty of other treasures in this temple… It is also famous for its globally reknown Traditionnal Thai Massage School! If you want to try a real Thai massage, you’ve just found the perfect place to do so. Come ideally at the end of the afternoon, around 5pm, to observe monks prayers. All you have to do to is enjoying the serenity of the moment.

Opening hours : 8am – 6 :30pm.

Price : 100 bahts

How to get there?

Taxi instructions : วัดโพธิ์



Wat Suthat, is one of the oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok. Since the XIX° century, it is home of a bronze Buddha, who waited two centuries to be sheltered. Now let’s focus on its name. Wat Suthat, literally « Giant Swing Temple » is named after the 27-metre-high red portal facing it. Originally, it was used for a game that involves sitting on a swing, on which the player had to swing in order to grab gold coins. This was not for entertainment, but was minly was ritual dedicated to Shiva, Master of Knowledge. You’ll not be able to see the swing anymore, since the King decided to ban this game in 1935 after the number of deaths provoked by this ritual.

Opening hours : Every day from 8:30am to 9pm.

Price : 20Baths

How to get there?

Taxi instructions : วัดสุทัศน์เทพวราราม



If the spiritual aspect of a temple interests you more than its architecture, this one should be your favorite. We warmly recommend you a visit to meet the great monk community living here, and pray with them. If you are lucky enough, you may have the luxury of a session in English! Afterwards, we invite you to roam around so you can meet charming merchants selling an incalculable amount of amulets! There is one for everyone and every budget. Thanks to them, you may find the love of your life, health and serenity? Well, that’s all we wish you!

Opening hours : Every day from 8am to 7pm

Price : Free

How to get there?

Taxi instructions : วัดมหาธาตุยุวราชรังสฤษฎิ์ราชวรมหาวิหาร



Yes, this is exactly the temple you can see in 10 bahts coins. Wat Arun, literally the Temple of Dawn  is an emblematic symbol of Bangkok. Not as fancy as some other temples in the city, it is rather reknown for its porcelain, that covers a great part of the temple.

Great fact to know: the temple is named after the Indian Dawn Goddess, Aruna. Thus, it lights up every night, reflecting itself in the river, and offering an unforgettable moment !

Opening hours: Every day from 8 :30am à 5 :30pm

Price : 50Baths

How to get there?

Taxi instructions : วัดอรุณ

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