The Best Markets in Bangkok

The most Famous Bangkok Markets

Whoever visits Bangkok has in mind the endless rows of multicolor tropical fruits or the traditional floating markets almost entirely covering the rivers. Unfortunately, over the last decade some of the most famous Bangkok markets became so crowded and touristic that the experience seems ruined. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still find some amazing markets.

Traditional or not, whether it is a pleasure for your eyes or your mouth, here is a guide of the best markets in Bangkok!


Taling Chan

While most of floating markets are slowly becoming exclusively tourist-friendly, some of them kept all their traditions and authentic local lovers. Located only a few kilometers away from Siam, Taling Chan floating market is easy to reach by BTS or taxi. Considered as one of the last real floating market in Bangkok by locals, you’ll definitely have a great and fun experience there.

First of all, Taling Chan is opened the whole day, which is great! Who wants to wake up at 5 during holidays? We still advise you to come before 10am though, in order to avoid the warmth. Roaming around is the best way to discover this traditional market, but you also have the possibility to visit it by boat, for a whole different point of view. Among all the boats selling exotic fruits and fish, don’t miss the opportunity to try the big grilled prawns, cheap and delicious. This visit also allows you to discover the local lifestyle of people living by the river.

One last thing: don’t be freaked out by all the cat fishes roaming around the boats looking for some leftovers. Their taste is so bad, locals don’t fish them.

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You just came back from the traditional Taling Chan and you are searching for another place more modern and populated? You definitely should the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. Known as one of the biggest market in the world with its 15000 stalls, it’s the perfect place if you are looking for souvenirs and handcraft items. In the same place, you’ll find easily the most traditional Thai objects, but also shoes, handbags, ceramics wares for a surprisingly cheap price. The market is so big that it is divided in 27 sections. We especially recommend you the art section where local artists crave the wood or paint in front of you. Really impressive.

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Rod Fai

If Chatuchak seems too big and impressive for you, take a look at the Rod Fai night market instead (opens at 5pm). Located only a few minutes away by taxi from On Nut BTS station, this huge market offers a very specific atmosphere. A couple of years ago, Rod Fai was still taking place around trains tracks. Due to the extension of the lines, the market was forced to move in a bigger space and many considered it was the end of this traditional market. Fortunately, it’s still remain one of the best market in Bangkok if you are looking for vintage objects, antiquities or housewares.

Rod Fai is divided in 3 areas: the Warehouse Zone for vintage, Antique’s Rod for Antiquities and Market Zone for everyday products such as clothes, housewares, toys and, of course, street food stalls selling delicious snacks.

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Pak Khlong Talat

After this night market, let us introduce you one market that would delight the up-early or the down-late, depends of you. Pak Khlong Talat is famous all over the world for its flowers. A few years ago the market was moved inside but it didn’t lose its charm. You’ll be able to roam in the middle of the stalls, smelling the rows of roses, orchids and several multicolor flowers you’ve never seen before. This is where florists are buying their products so you’ll have to come around 4-5 am to make the most of Pak Khlong Talat. Apart from flowers, the market is also selling vegetables and fruits adding more smells to this swirl of scents.

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Khlong Toey

If you didn’t have enough vegetables and fruits at Pak Khlong Talat, you should go to Khlong Toey market, known as the busiest food market in Bangkok. Mostly populated by locals and restorers you may not see many tourists over there. At anytime of the day Khlong Toey is busy, full of energy, and will propose you a typical point of view of Thai lifestyle. You should visit just before noon as you can easily find something to eat there, whether you prefer quality meat from butchers or little street food: you’ll always find good and cheap food to eat.

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Wang Lang

Another great place to eat while visiting a beautiful market would be Wang Lang market. Almost exclusively dedicated to snacks and cheap street food, you’ll have here one of the best experience in Bangkok. We definitely advise you to try the market specialties, such as the deep-fried pork. Of course Wang Lang is also a good place for shopping and handcraft souvenirs. It’s a good place to spend a few hours during midday, and since the market isn’t far from the Grand Palace, it could constitute a refreshing break after your visit. The amount of students here is the perfect proof of its success among the locals.

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It would be a shame to miss these amazing places…

Of course, it’s impossible to list all the Bangkok markets we love, but the ones quoted above is a good example of how Thai markets look like. From the floating markets to the huge and smelling flowers markets, these locations show you more of Thai culture instead of Bangkok monuments, and it would be a shame to miss these amazing places.

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