Thailand’s best island escapes

Thailand’s best islands to visit

When the word Thailand comes to your mind, we bet you are thinking about paradise islands.

Crystal cleared water, white sandy beaches and blue sky represent the idyllic landscapes that please everyone. However, you’ve got so much choices, that it is necessary to find out which island would be your own perfect place.

Don’t panic, you can always count on BangkokVibes to make a great choice. We’ve prepared you a small guide of our 6 favourite islands, according to your personality : whether you are a partygoer, a nature lover or a hiker, we’ve got the right place for you.

Nature Lover?
Looking for a calm atmosphere, to contemplate the landscapes?
Looking for a perfect for your honey moon?

Koh Lanta

This long strip of land of 27km of length on 3km of wide is divided into two parts. In the North and on the West, a succession of attractive beaches will delight the swimmers. Long Beach (Phra Ae) is the most popular and touristic beach in the island. We advise you instead to choose Klong Yak beach or Bamboo Bay beach for more tranquillity.

If you rather stay in the center or the south, lands are still covered by a rain forest, and tourism is not too developed for the moment. Don’t miss the Mai Kaew waterfall, that can be seen after only 2 hours walk in the jungle. You’ll be rewarded by an unforgettable bathing. Mai Kaew cave has lots of surprises : avoid your Sunday best, because the visit rather looks like speleology !

Koh Chang

Koh chang is the third biggest island in Thailand. However, it remains a confidential place, far less touristic than Samui or Phuket. A National marine park is named after this Island, that counts an archipelago of 50 islands. Chang means elephant, and indeed, it seems like the shape of the island looks like this animal… To be honest, we’ve never been able to see it after several attempts! Covered by mangrove, its colored fauna and flora are still preserved from mass tourism, and you definitely have to see it! You can also cross the mountains paths with a guide and relax near the fantastic waterfalls. The green beauty of this Island seduces all the nature lovers. Relaxation, snorkeling and landscape contemplation would be your main activities of the day. Easily reachable from Bangkok, it is the perfect place to stay for a week end far from the busy capital.


Looking for a great place with music and beers?

Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is a staple stay if you like to party. It is globally renowned for its Full Moon, the most popular event in this island, that made Ko Pha Ngan so famous. It takes place once a month in Haad Rin beach. When there is a full moon night, people come from all over the world to dance, hear music, play games, assist a fire eater show, and have drinks. One thing for sure: you’ll never get bored. Diving, kayaking, boat tours, Muay Thai fights, fishing, yoga…  You’ll always have plenty of things to do, throughout your day and your night.

Good tip: After an evening of drinking, enjoy the tranquility of the beaches, especially Ao Haad Khom in the north, perfect to relaxbefore the next party!

Koh Phi Phi

Easily reachable from Krabi or Phuket, Koh Phi Phi is composed of two different islands: Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee. After being damaged in 2004 by the tsunami, it is today perfectly rebuilt. You’ll find an atmosphere quite touristic, ideal to hang out with your friends and meet people. With its colorful marine flora and fauna, you are in the perfect place to try snorkeling and diving.

Good tip: If you are a Di Caprio fan, you must go to Maya Bay. The landscape may remind you something… It is in fact where the Danny Boyle’s film The Beach was shot. You are not dreaming, you are in!



If you are interested to do a boat cruise, Thai Boat Party offers great variety of private boats and yachts parties around many locations, such as Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Krabi and Koh Samui.



Athlet? Sports fan?
Looking for a place to go beyond your limits?

Koh tao

Known as the Turtle Island, it is the perfect place to dive. Once your head in the water, the world of Nemo is there for you! No need to go far away to see fantastic and colorful species of fish and corals. If you just want to do snorkeling, you can just buy a tuba and a mask on the spot, and wherever you’ll be, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of this submarine world. However, if you prefer diving, we advise you to book a tour with one of the numerous diving agencies in the island. Beginners or experienced will be welcome to visit one of the most beautiful spot, and get the chance to see turtles and sharks during their stay! After such a fantastic day, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal in front of the sea.


Impossible to miss if you stay in Krabi, Railey peninsula is renowned for its paradise landscapes, but also its climbing sites! Indeed, you’ll be able to reach 4 breathtaking spots: West Railey, East Railay, Tonsai and Phranang Beach. Climbing is not always easy, but we can promise you that once at the top, the landscape is so fantastic that you’ll forget all the hard efforts you’ve done!

So guys, what’s your favorite?


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