Paradise has a name : Ko Tao

A perfect weekend

Last weekend, BangkokVibes had the opportunity to discover the small but infamous island of Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Where is it? 


Outstanding beaches, bunch of palm trees, peaceful bays, crystal cleared sea, colorful corals, aquatic wildlife… this is definitely one of the most beautiful place in Thailand. Our own paradise on Earth.

Even if it started to be as touristic as its neighbours Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Samui, it remains the most preserved and wild. This is precisely what we appreciated the most once our feet on the sand.

We spent two full days in the island, and we can’t stop doing the flashback of this weekend, again and again…


A Saturday in Paradise

Be prepared for hours of bus and hours of boat! We can tell we felt quite hungry after this long journey… Once our backpacks settled in the guesthouse (Khun Ying House), located a few meters away from Sairee Beach (the biggest beach of the island but also the most crowded). We walked a little before finding a delicious American breakfast in our way (it feels so good to eat Western food sometimes, especially in front of a beautiful sea). The beach is bordered by a bunch of restaurants offering Western or Thai cuisine for a reasonable price. Don’t worry about having a good choice for your dinner.

Then comes the time to rent scooters for everybody. We considered it should be the best way to travel around. You need to drive to see the most beautiful spots of the islands. We were not considering walking (too exhausting) or grabbing a taxi (too expensive) during our stay.

A scooter for one day is only 200 baht, but be extremely careful: driving there is not for everyone… You definitely need to be a confident scooter driver, because roads are quite dangerous, and have nothing to do with Bangkok ones. If you want an access to the most fantastic and isolated beaches, you have to be brave:  important differences in altitude, sandy roads, scary climbs and descents.

Be also aware that you have to pay a great amount of money if you have any problem with your scooter.

We reached Love Koh Tao, a great point of view, easily accessible with a scooter in the top of the island, where we enjoyed a fantastic sea view, a fruit juice in our hand.



Then we decided to have a swim on the sea and its perfect temperature. We discovered the Aow Leuk Beach, a small private bay offering you a view on Shark Island. After a sunbath session, we headed for Sai Daeng Beach, recommended by our guesthouse: we actually were a bit disappointed, even if the view is not too bad.



After a little rest and a good shower back in the guesthouse, we decided to go back on top of the island, in the High Bar. It felt so good enjoying a sweet cocktail and an unforgettable sunset in one of the best spot of the island. Quite, peaceful, cosy and friendly, you’ll love this place for a chill evening with your friends or lover.



Everybody knows sea breeze makes you hungry! We choose wood-fired oven pizza to perfectly end this day, in the restaurant Farango.


A Sunday in the aquatic fauna

No time for a sleeping in ! We wanted to enjoy our stay as much as possible in this paradise. What feels better than waking up near the sea, when sun is shining and friends are around?

We took our scooters again to go towards Hin Wong Bay, a great snorkeling spot that you definitely must see while in Koh Tao! Luckily, beach was deserted at that time of the day. View is amazing, and the huge rocks bordering the sea make this place really special. We could not resist to try the banana pancakes with chocolate in the only restaurant in front of the sea. We rent a mask and a tuba for only 50 baht, ready to enjoy the fantastic aquatic fauna that makes the reputation of the island: dozens of big or tiny colorful fish, sumptuous corals and stars in our eyes.



After a couple of hours snorkeling in the sea, we took our scooter to reach Mango Bay. Don’t miss this place to discover the island’s treasures! Unfortunately, be prepared for a difficult drive before reaching this paradise… Probably the hardest spot to reach with a scooter. You’ll need to be patient and careful, but really it worth it.



This wonderful weekend ended in a restaurant near Sairee Beach, while we enjoyed another sumptuous sunset. We enjoyed an excellent massaman chicken curry, one of our favorite Thai specialty.



This trip has been absolutely fantastic. Do not hesitate to leave Bangkok and its noisy traffic for a few days: you’ll never regret it!


And you, what’s your favorite spots in Koh Tao?


Discover more of our trip with this short video:

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