How to choose the right Party Planner in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s party scene Bangkok is known to be one of the best cities of the world especially if you want to throw an unforgettable party. There are endless possibilities which signify Bangkok’s party scene, like: hot girls and guys, super clubs, luxury villas, penthouses, day activities, modified party buses, limos and funky minivans […]

Living in Bangkok: TOP 7 of our tips!

Living in Bangkok: a challenging experience Moving in a new city is always a challenging experience. You have to deal with the loss of your bearings and the creation of new ones. We know how much it’s hard to adapt ourselves to a new environment, a different culture and an unusual […]

How to buy street food in Bangkok?

Thai’s street food Thai’s street food is recognized internationally as one of the best. So much that it’s a quintessential part of Bangkok experience. Although the more maniacs can be reluctant, it’s a must! Really cheap and so tasty, it’s the best way to eat in Thailand. For those who […]

The Best Floating Markets in Bangkok

The amazing floating markets One of the major attraction in Thailand is without any doubt the visit of an amazing floating market. The infinite rows of boats selling tropical fruits and grilled fishes are renown in the whole world after all the wonderful pics that came out from there, but these markets become […]

Mobile Data on your phone in Thailand

Local SIM card Theoretically, it’s pretty easy to buy a local SIM card in order to surf in the internet. But still, there could be some obstacles for you to overcome before you can use internet on your phone. Especially the language barrier and the overwhelming offerings from all those […]