Basic Vocabulary to survive in Thailand

Speaking Thaï, the vocabulary to survive   MEET/POLITENESS:   Hello (for a woman): Sawadeekha Hello (for a man): Sawadee khrap Thanks (for a woman): Khop khoun kha Thanks (for a man): Khop khoun khrap How are you? (for a woman): Sabaï dee mai ka? How are you? (for a man): Sabaï dee mai khrap ? I’m fine: Sabaï […]

10 reasons why Bangkok is the best choice for your Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party in Bangkok Every groom-to-be deserves a bachelor party to celebrate their last night of single hood with all his friends. Nobody should forget their night, or better nobody wishes to forget! If you want even more than in The Hangover and want to test your limits – with […]

TOP 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Fancy a delicious cocktail up the city for an unforgettable night out? All around Bangkok, you’ll easily find dozens of skyscrapers, where you can experiment such an exceptional moment. We definitely recommend you trying it at least once during your stay! You’ll never regret it. These rooftop bars may make […]

TOP 5 Indoor Games in Bangkok (special family)

  Bangkok is a huge, bubbly and lively city, so visiting it requires a careful planning, at the risk to transform your holidays into a potential nightmare. We all endured a bad experience, such as a walk in the scorching heat for half the day when visiting the King’s Palace: […]

Bang Kachao: The Bangkok’s Jungle

  You may want to escape from the busy city once in a while. No need to take a plane or stay in a bus for 5 hours: you actually just need to cross the river!   An unequaled haven of peace in the City Still preserved from mass tourism, […]

Why you should be massed in Bangkok?

The traditional Thai massages The word Thailand pops up somewhere, and now you have in mind its idyllic beaches, its smiling people, its sumptuous temples, its delicious food… But the country is also globally renowned for its traditional massages. Yeah, this kind of massage that makes you feel all your […]

Thailand’s best island escapes

Thailand’s best islands to visit When the word Thailand comes to your mind, we bet you are thinking about paradise islands. Crystal cleared water, white sandy beaches and blue sky represent the idyllic landscapes that please everyone. However, you’ve got so much choices, that it is necessary to find out […]

The Vegetarian Guide in Thailand

  Eating vegetarian in Thailand Thailand is a country in Asia which is blessed with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. One visit to a local market and you’ll find a diverse selection of fresh produced massive quantities. Even though Thailand is famous for their amazing durians, mangos, dragon fruits, jackfruits and […]

The Best Temples in Bangkok

Our 5 favorite temples in Bangkok Whoever thinks about Thailand would definitely have its sumptious temples in mind. In this Buddhism kingdom, you can hardly stroll around a neighborhood without coming across a temple or an altar. Regarding the difficulty to choose between them all, follow your favorite Bangkok guide […]

Where can I try Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Muay Thai: Thailand’s most famous sport Renown in the entire world, Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand. Every real boxing fan knows Tony Jaa acting in Ong Bak, showing the world what a true fighter is. Have a look of this excellent quote from the movie : “Power should be possessed […]