Our own Top 5 Food Courts in Bangkok

The Food Courts

You could not miss them, when you were in that great commercial center. Remember? There were a bunch of people in a food area ordering appetizing dishes, you saw them and you could not understand how they did, until a good guy told you about the payment card and how it works. Then your life in Bangkok changed!

Very popular over here, food courts are an eating area similar to a healthier fast food, where you can enjoy different types of cuisine cooked in the same place. You pay with a special card available there in which you add credit (100 – 150 baht is more than fine) and now bon appétit!

Ideal if you are on a budget, it helps you putting limits to your expenses, since you choose the amount of money you want in your cash card. Price of the dish is different from a place to another, but it remains quite cheap (only 25 baht sometimes). It is also a nice opportunity to try different types of food in the same area, which is a chance if you are a food explorer, or when you are hanging out with friends and nobody share the same tastes!

Bangkok Vibes tried different food courts around the city, and we must say we have our favorite ones, for different reasons… Take a look at our list, and plan your next lunch! ?


Pier 21, Terminal 21, 5th floor: the Cheapest

Clearly, this is not the kind of place you would go for a date (please don’t do that). Busy on weekdays, crowded on weekends, you have to handle the noise, the lack of personal space, and you’ll probably struggle to find a place to sit. That doesn’t look appetizing like that, we agree on that. But there’s a good reason to explain this constant affluence: its success.
First, this is probably one of the cleanest food court you’ll find in Bangkok, but also definitely the cheapest. You can mostly enjoy thai cuisine, but also a big omelet with rice for 20 baht, a good chicken steak, delicious roasted duck or ice creams. Try it and you’ll adopt it.

How to get there? 


Food Republic, Siam Center, 4th floor: the Cool Kid

Once you get there, you are seduced by the silver-colored modern style décor, very contemporary. The stalls look so clean and tasty, offering a large choice of thai and international cuisine. You’ll have to pay a little bit more in this food area (especially for beverages and desserts), but it remains quite reasonable. We love it for its atmosphere, and the variety of its delicious dishes!

How to get there?


Central Food Loft, Central Chidlom, 7th floor: the Glamorous

Let’s get serious now: be prepared for a whole different food court experience. This one has nothing to do with our two first favorites. Here you can enjoy a real night out, enjoying the atmosphere of the place, while having the benefits of an international food court. From Vietnamese to Italian cuisine, you may find anything you want. More expensive than the first ones, you’ll easily understand why. You definitely not going there to eat cheap and fast, but rather for having a good dinner in a beautiful place.

How to get there?


The Fifth Food Avenue, MBK, 5th floor: the Traveller

As a food lover, you adore discovering dishes from each part of the world? You are searching for an opportunity to test Indonesian or Greek specialties? You must try this place then! You’ll love the freshness of the products, and we can ensure you’ll have a real gourmet experience: everything is delicious, with generous portions. We only regret the price of a plate, not totally justified according to us (you’ll rather pay 150 baht for a dish than 30…). Try at least once for an unforgettable international cuisine experience!

How to get there?


Eathai, Central Embassy, Chidlom: the Amazing Thai

More confidential than the first ones, hidden in a luxury shopping mall, this is actually a fantastic place for a superb thai cuisine experience. You’ll absolutely love the layout, comfy, cosy and really pleasant. Don’t expect having an international choice, you will only eat thai… but as such a high level of excellence! Prepare a bigger budget to eat there (between 100 or 150 baht for one dish), but the price is absolutely justified. Ensure you go before leaving Thailand.

How to get there?


And you guys, what is your favorite food court in the city? Have you tried these ones before? Please share your experience with us!

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