Living in Bangkok: TOP 7 of our tips!

Living in Bangkok: a challenging experience

Moving in a new city is always a challenging experience. You have to deal with the loss of your bearings and the creation of new ones. We know how much it’s hard to adapt ourselves to a new environment, a different culture and an unusual way of life. BangkokVibes is here to support you in this new chapter of your life, and created a non-exhaustive list of our best tips when living in Bangkok.


TOP 7 of our tips:



Each time you withdraw money from an ATM or pay with your credit card, you have to pay taxes. It can represent a lot of money if you do this often. So try to do it only once or twice a month, and don’t forget that paying by cash is always the best option.



Go to the supermarket… and buy your flight tickets! If you travel with an airline company like Nok air, make your reservation online, choose the payment at the counter and pay the flight by cash in a 7/11, a Big C or a Family Mart. Another good reason to leave your credit card home.



Hungry? Eating in a street food is the best way to eat cheap but tasty, while living like a local. However, you may need some tips to choose the best ones and avoid the others : check our article dedicated to street foods in Thailand!



In a hurry? Do not hesitate to grab a taxi in Bangkok, it’s cheap and convenient. However, don’t forget to ask the taxi to put the meter, or the driver may want you to pay outrageous prices! If you choose a moto taxi, always negociate the price before the drive.



Thirsty? Even if you do, forget about drinking water from a sink in Thailand. Drinking water from a bottle is the only option. You don’t have to worry about your expenses, since it’s really cheap. When choosing a bottle, be always sure that it was firmly closed and avoid buying one in the street.



On a budget? Save money, and go to the supermarket at night. Indeed, some fruits, vegetables, prepared dishes but also delicious desserts may be solded in the evening. In a Big C for example, a mango sticky rice would cost more than 70 bahts in the morning… but less than 30 bahts after sunset !



Thailand is renowned for its fantastic temples. However, forget about your favorite skirt and your new crop top to visit them. Your knees and shoulders must be hidden, and you also have to leave your shoes to enter these sacred places. Go as early as possible to avoid the heat and the mass tourism.


Now you are ready to enjoy this new chapter of your life!

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