Where to get a tailor-made suit or dress?

A tailor-made piece of clothing

Having a tailor-made piece of clothing, unique and made just for you, whether it is a dress, a suit, a shirt or a tuxedo, is a must for many expats or travelers visiting Asia. It does represent a great experience to live and a nice opportunity since the prices are so cheap. So why deprive yourself?


Why you should take the step?

– For the quality of the fabric.

– Having your own piece of clothing.

– Having a dress or a suit perfectly made for you, in harmony with your body measurements and morphology… Nothing is left to chance, professionals know that each silhouette is different, and each customer is unique.

– Feeling really comfy in a piece of clothing.

Avoiding standard sizes, too uncertain and varied depending on the shop. We all had this bad experience: trying a jean or a skirt in the fitting room, and believing you took too much weight, because it just can’t fit you!


What can I have tailor-made?

– A dress

– A shirt

– A suit

– A tuxedo


Why in Bangkok?

Mosty, because of the excellent value for money.


However, due to the natural fabric’s elasticity, it can be reduced after 5 times in the washing machine. This is why depending on the fabric you chose, it may seem longer than it should on the back and the sleeves when you’ll try your dress or your suit for the first time, in order to anticipate a possible narrowing of your piece of clothing.


Our own favorite places:

Narin Couture:

Thanks to a 5-year-experience in Paris and graduated from the infamous Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Mister B is the person you need to realise your fashion dreams!

How to get there?

Danny Tailor:

A great choice. The one you should try if you want a perfect copy of a dress or a suit.

How to get there?

Emporium Tailors:

The best value for money, because of its fantastic quality. Expats know this is the best place in Bangkok and his reputation is solid.

Choice of colors and fabrics is especially impressive. Be careful though, since prices may start being really high, depending on what on want, even if it remains reasonable compare to Europe.

How to get there?


Our tips:

  1. Be careful when choosing a tailor: trust the word of mouth, and go where tourists and expats go.
  2. Avoid tailors that make too much promotion in magazines or solicit tourists all the time.
  3. Avoid costumes ready in 24 hours for only $150
  4. Prefer a tailor offering to try twice your piece of clothing.
  5. If you have a costume or a dress that suits you really well, bring it and show it to the tailor: it will help him creating your new piece of clothing.

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