Where can you find dancing classes in Bangkok ?

Looking for a new way to knock yourself out ?

Most tourists, whilst coming to Bangkok, want to discover the Thai culture through temples, islands or local food. However, another way to discover the country is through its diversified activities and art. We do know it can be hard to find something to do on the other side of the planet but no worries we are here to give you some tips ! Here’s one activity we love doing in Bangkok: “Khon” or “Lakhon”. Now you know the name of the famous Thai dance. You probably heard of their famous “Muay Thai” before, which is Thai Boxing, however the other traditional sport is the Thai dance. Years ago, the “Lakhon” was only reserved to the Royal family. Nowadays you can find shows in temples or you can easily take dance classes. Then, if you love dancing, come enjoy Thai vibes in Bangkok where dancers are open minded, positive and very cheerful !

BangkokVibes is going to give you some dance clubs you might like and where you will learn to how to properly shake your body.


The ZOOMSTUDIO is quite recent, it was created in 2011 in Bangkok.

Yet even if this studio is quite new, they manage to impose themselves in the dancing scene of Bangkok by hiring really good instructors to climb the levels real fast.

This studio might be one of our favorite dance spot because it transmits dancing principles and, you are able to feel the passion perspire from all the dancers.

About the classes, they offered several kinds of dance : HIP HOP, JAZZ, BALLET/ CONTEMPORAIN, LATIN DANCING, ZUMBA and some EXERCISE SESSIONS to work your cardio and warm up your body.

Classes last about 60 to 90 minutes. The studio sets up many events throughout the year, so feel free to join them, you will like it.

They are scheduled during the week and also on the week-end. The schedule of these classes differs during the week and depends on the day so take a quick look on their website to be aware of the timetable and get all of the information you need.

To be part of a class, you will have to pay a package or you will only need one card per class which costs around 450 THB.

You can also choose a pass card of 10 classes (60 minutes) for 4000 THB, a card of 4 classes is about 1 600 THB, the family card to share with 2 people of your choice for 4 000 THB and the free pass for 1 month for 4 500 THB.

website:  http://www.zoomstudio.asia/

Address: Bio HOUSE G Floor Sukhumvit soi 39, Bangkok, Thailand


The URBAN DANCE STUDIO is also a really good studio to share your passion with others. They offer STREET JAZZ, HIP HOP BASICS, NEW-STYLE, ZUMBA, CONTEMPORAIN and JAZZ.

The classes last for 60 to 90 minutes from 450 THB to 550 THB for one single class.

The package is only for people who paid their membership, it’s about 500 THB. When you become a member of the club, one class would cost you between 400 to 500 THB, and many packages such as 4, 12 or 24 classes for 1, 2 or 4 months depending on the option of the pass card.

The price of the packages goes from 1 200 THB to 8 000 THB, Have a look on the link for prices: http://urbandancestudio.tumblr.com/classrate

You will be able to follow a class during the whole week and on week-ends. This is the link for the timetable: http://urbandancestudio.tumblr.com/timetable.

Website: http://urbandancestudio.tumblr.com/

Address: URBAN Dance Studio Bangkok

Prasarnmit Plazza, Soi Sukhumvit 23, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand


When you take a look at the D MANIAC STUDIO website, you understand that this studio differs from the others. You can sense the energy coming from the dancers through all their videos.

You can find different types of dance, coming from the HIP HOP, BREAK DANCE, WAACKING, to the POPPING, GROOVE & MOVES, LYRICAL JAZZ and JAZZ FUNK.

The price starts at 450 THB for a single class, to 1 200 THB to 6 000 THB for a 3 to 20 classes pass card (8 and 12 classes cards available). One month unlimited classes costs only 5 500 THB.

They organize many events and shows, which will make you discover or rediscover the pleasure of the stage.

“We believe that to be a good dancer, surroundings and attitudes matters. We envision to foster our students in every single aspect for them to become a better dancer and better person” D MANIAC STUDIO

Website: http://www.dmaniacstudio.com/

Address: RCA Block D 21-98/99(2-4) Road Bang Kapi, Huai Kwang, 10300, Rama IX Soi 8, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310

A good way to express yourself

Here are the main dancing places in Bangkok. BangkokVibes hopes that you will find the one that will suit you !

Dancing is one of the best kind of art to express yourself and gain confidence. Feel free to go there to unleash your creativity and let your body talks for you.

Have a great dance class, and don’t forget : hips don’t lie !

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