Eating healthy in Bangkok? Our own TOP 5!

Eating healthy and gourmet 

Eating healthy and gourmet in Bangkok… that is actually not asking too much! Light and homemade, a healthy cuisine has to remain tasty and nourishing. Whether it is to lose weight or simply taking care of your body, a low-fat diet full of vitamins combined with a bit of physical activity is essential to feel as good as possible, inside and out. BangkokVibes tried (and approved) different addresses in Bangkok, in order to share with you the names of our 5 favorite healthy and tasty food places!


1. Broccoli Revolution : la crème de la crème

 Definitely and officially our favorite in Bangkok. Broccoli Revolution is an organic and vegetarian restaurant located few meters away from Thong Lo BTS. You should try their vegan bowls, their juices, or their main courses (with a special mention given to their signature dish: the quinoa burger!), everything is excellent. Really well cooked, homemade with fresh products, remaining as healthy as tasty. Magic happens once you enter the restaurant itself, especially well designed and comfy. You’ll enjoy your meal in a quiet atmosphere, made brick walls, incandescent lamps, ferns…
However, Broccoli’s menu remains pricy for Thailand. You may count more or less 200 or 300 baht for a dish, and at least 100 for a beverage. Don’t get us wrong: this price is justified.

LITTLE EXTRA: Free detox water for everyone: help yourself!



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2. Mix & Munch: eating healthy is not a question of budget

This place is a must if you want to eat with little fat and calories, while having a small budget (between 100 or 300 baht for a meal and a beverage). Compose your own plate composed of your favorite ingredients, such as chicken, salmon, spinach, red rice or sweet potatoes. You will select your source of protein, carb, vegetables and sauce. Do not miss the tuna tataki : absolutely delicious ! You’ll be able to know the calories of each ingredient you chose, but also the amount of protein and vitamins you’ll offer to your body. Thank you Mix & Munch!

LITTLE EXTRA: Don’t forget to share your review on TripAdvisor: you’ll be offered a deliciously homemade vegan cookie! You’ll never regret it…



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3. Brekkie : for brunch and breakfast lovers

 Come to Brekkie, to enjoy a healthy and tasty meal combined with a sweet service. You’ll love the calm of the place, the variety of the menu, and the smile of the waiters. We recommend it especially if you are a breakfast or brunch lover! We were especially amazed by their avocado toast, but also their superfood bowls.

Just one thing : prices remain high regarding the portions…


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4. Salad Atelier : express yourself!

Just as it sounds, this restaurant enables you to create your own salad, healthy and gourmet. First, you chose a size: a baby salad for 119, an adult size for 159 and even a monster salad for 199 baht. If you are a good eater, the adult size may be enough. Then you select a base, toppings (60 different choices) and a sauce… you are ready to get lunch! Every time you’ll come, your salad would be different (you’ll definitely want to come and try all the toppings!) Our favorite one is composed of lettuce-spinach  base (full of vitamins A, C and K), our favorite vegetables (fibers, taste, vitamins…), proteins such as salmon (delicious and full of good fat), a bit of cheese (for calcium) and fresh fruits (so fresh and colorful).

Send us a picture of your own salad, we’ll be curious to compare with ours!


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5. Dressed : fast and healthy

 After a long day of sightseeing or shopping, take a break and enjoy a salad, a sandwich, a wrap, noodles or a fresh smoothie in this organic restaurant, offering fresh tasty snacks and take away. If you are a bacon lover, treat yourself with the Cobb salad.

Vegans are welcome.


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If you feel too lazy to take a walk for grabbing your lunch, all these restaurants are available on FoodPanda. Now, you’ve got no excuse for not testing one of them !


And don’t forget « YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT »!



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