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Eating healthy in Bangkok? Our own TOP 5!

Eating healthy and gourmet  Eating healthy and gourmet in Bangkok… that is actually not asking too much! Light and homemade, a healthy cuisine has to remain tasty and nourishing. Whether it is to lose weight or simply taking care of your body, a low-fat diet full of vitamins combined with […]

Our own Top 5 Food Courts in Bangkok

The Food Courts You could not miss them, when you were in that great commercial center. Remember? There were a bunch of people in a food area ordering appetizing dishes, you saw them and you could not understand how they did, until a good guy told you about the payment […]

AYUTTHAYA : the must-see temples in Thailand

The city of Ayutthaya The city of Ayutthaya, (the short name for Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, in Thai พระนครศรีอยุธยา), is only 75km from Bangkok. It is one of the former capital of the Siam Kingdom, also called the Holy City. Thousands of tourists come every year to discover its history, […]

The Best Markets in Bangkok

The most Famous Bangkok Markets Whoever visits Bangkok has in mind the endless rows of multicolor tropical fruits or the traditional floating markets almost entirely covering the rivers. Unfortunately, over the last decade some of the most famous Bangkok markets became so crowded and touristic that the experience seems ruined. […]

TOP 5 Best Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

Fancy a delicious cocktail up the city for an unforgettable night out? All around Bangkok, you’ll easily find dozens of skyscrapers, where you can experiment such an exceptional moment. We definitely recommend you trying it at least once during your stay! You’ll never regret it. These rooftop bars may make […]

Bang Kachao: The Bangkok’s Jungle

  You may want to escape from the busy city once in a while. No need to take a plane or stay in a bus for 5 hours: you actually just need to cross the river!   An unequaled haven of peace in the City Still preserved from mass tourism, […]

Thailand’s best island escapes

Thailand’s best islands to visit When the word Thailand comes to your mind, we bet you are thinking about paradise islands. Crystal cleared water, white sandy beaches and blue sky represent the idyllic landscapes that please everyone. However, you’ve got so much choices, that it is necessary to find out […]

Where can I try Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Muay Thai: Thailand’s most famous sport Renown in the entire world, Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand. Every real boxing fan knows Tony Jaa acting in Ong Bak, showing the world what a true fighter is. Have a look of this excellent quote from the movie : “Power should be possessed […]

How to buy street food in Bangkok?

Thai’s street food Thai’s street food is recognized internationally as one of the best. So much that it’s a quintessential part of Bangkok experience. Although the more maniacs can be reluctant, it’s a must! Really cheap and so tasty, it’s the best way to eat in Thailand. For those who […]