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The Best Temples in Bangkok

Our 5 favorite temples in Bangkok Whoever thinks about Thailand would definitely have its sumptious temples in mind. In this Buddhism kingdom, you can hardly stroll around a neighborhood without coming across a temple or an altar. Regarding the difficulty to choose between them all, follow your favorite Bangkok guide […]

Where can I try Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Muay Thai: Thailand’s most famous sport Renown in the entire world, Muay Thai is the most popular sport in Thailand. Every real boxing fan knows Tony Jaa acting in Ong Bak, showing the world what a true fighter is. Have a look of this excellent quote from the movie : “Power should be possessed […]

The Best Floating Markets in Bangkok

The amazing floating markets One of the major attraction in Thailand is without any doubt the visit of an amazing floating market. The infinite rows of boats selling tropical fruits and grilled fishes are renown in the whole world after all the wonderful pics that came out from there, but these markets become […]