How to buy street food in Bangkok?

Thai’s street food

Thai’s street food is recognized internationally as one of the best. So much that it’s a quintessential part of Bangkok experience. Although the more maniacs can be reluctant, it’s a must! Really cheap and so tasty, it’s the best way to eat in Thailand. For those who are scared about eating a rat, don’t worry! We have found for you the bests areas, so cosy that you could  eat your eyes closed. This is a little guide to be sure to have the best of this experience.


Forget everything you thought you knew about food. Be brave and let’s go to Chinatown to be pleasantly surprised. Look around you, everywhere you will see local people having fun and sharing a meal. Enjoy amazing traditional dishes sold in the street. Yaowarat road is famous for its food stalls’ concentration, balanced on the most impractical pavements. Strangely, each space is occupied and so many people are always waiting, standing, taking care to avoid cars and tuk-tuk passing on the way. After your delicious meal, we advise you the Double dogs, an incredible tea room. You won’t be disappointed!

How to get there? 

Taxi instructions : อื้อเจ็กฮะ


Stop at the Phra Kanong BTS’s station. You will find a pretty area, called WDistrict, coloured with some lights and garlands. All around, pleasant little stands offering food for everyone’s enjoyment: Delicious Thai food, pizza, burgers, French fries, Korean desserts and a large choice of smoothies. There are also some bars for the most thirsty ones. Enjoy this place with your friend or your family, order a lot of different meals and share, Thai style. You will find other places like this one at On Nut or Ekkamai Station.

How to get there?

Taxi instructions : ดับเบิ้ลยู ดิสทริค

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is famous for backpackers from all over the world. This small road is located about a block from the Chao Phraya River at the northern side of Rattanakosin. Khao San Road offers some of the cheapest and most diverse food selection in Bangkok.

There are so much nationalities in this place that you can find every dishes than you’d like. Thai, of course, but also delicious Italian pizza, Indian chicken’ dishes, Est-european typical foods or a big choice of vegetarian food. Enjoy your food, and undoubtedly your night!

How to get there?


Finally, finding a good street food is not a big deal. You can’t walk 100m without seeing any street food stand. Just go out of the BTS on Sukhumvit road and walk, you will find whatever you like and which tempt you!

So, fish soup, Tom Yum, Chicken, fried rice, pad thai… You have nothing to do but make your choice!

Vocabulary to order in Thai

This is a little bit of vocabulary to help you order in Thai, but no stress, usually, most Thai cooks understand the main English words, or they give you an English menu.

Soup: ซุป

Chicken: ไก่

Fish: ปลา

Seafood: อาหารทะเล

Pork: เนื้อหมู

Prawn: กุ้ง

No spicy: ไม่มีรสเผ็ด

Just a little bit spicy: เผ็ดไม่กี่

Spicy: รสจัด

Sticky rice: ข้าวเหนียว

Pineapple: สับปะรด

Watermelon: แตงโม

A total Thai food experience

If you want a total Thai food experience, Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a ‘’Gastronomic trail’’! It will show you the secrets of Thai cooking and Bangkok street food through challenges to find typical thai ingredients in the biggest fresh food market and a cooking class run by local cooking experts. On this food tour, you’ll discover everything from the colorful local markets to the typical street food stands through fun games and interactions with locals. Fruit carving, blind fold food testing is part of the program along with an initiation on how to order your favorite Thai dishes. Definetely the best food tour in the whole Bangkok! You can check their website for more details :

We hope this article will help you to try and experience quintessential Thai gastronomy, that is really inimitable!


By the way and unfortunatly, you have to know that Thailand government has recently annouced the ban of the small peddlers who traded on the asphalt, including those who are selling street food, which made the reputation of the city. Noodles soup, grilled meat and pad thai will always be sold on stands, but in a special space for that purpose. The government want them to be disappeared by the end of the year. The purpose is to have a « more hygienic and happier country », as it says, and to « return pavements to the pedestrians ». But most of the peddlers, regular customers and tourists are against this decision, because they are considering that street food as a revenue stream, a practical and cheap option for lunch break, but above all a strong part of the city’s charm.

Then, enjoy the street food as long as it’s still available on Bangkok’s pavements!

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