Bangkok’s Traffic: your new Best Enemy

A city constantly moving

A city as broad and modern as Bangkok has the reputation to be most of the time (not to say – each day at any hour) paralyzed by a massive jam. Driving along is especially difficult. This phenomenon may be explained by the city’s architecture, a mix between long avenues, streets and short alleys. This organisation lead to the impossibility to access alternative roads, so everyone is taking the same.

Don’t waste your time and avoid taxis and tuk tuk during peak hours (7:30 – 9:30am / 4:30 – 6:30pm). Combining the different public transportations, such as the boat or the skytrain, is definitely the fastest way to go anywhere.

What can we do?

If anyone knew, the city would not be any longer like this. Of course, it would be necessary to modernize the current infrastructures, starting by building new bridges, and new car parks. Actually, the main solution would be encouraging people to choose other means of transportation than a car.

Moving around Bangkok avoiding the traffic remains simple and cheap actually.  You’ve got the choice between:

  • The skytrain (called BTS), Bangkok’s main transit system, with its two lines (Sukhumvit and SIlom).
  • The underground metro, (called MRT: mass rapid transit).
  • The boat on the Chao Phraya river.
  • Motorcycle taxi (not the less risky means of transportation, but definitely the fastest).


Motorcycle taxi case:

Easy to recognize them and their orange jacket. Undoubtedly, the most popular way to move in Bangkok, and generally around Thailand. Cheap and fast, you can rather easily weave in and out the cars even during peaking hours.
However, it does remain the most dangerous means of transportation. An accident can easily happen… Don’t hesitate to ask for a helmet to protect yourself (if the driver has one). Don’t get us wrong though, motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok are driven by experts used to the city’s traffic, and are especially careful when foreign people are behind them. The older the driver is, the more experimented he is!  You can of course ask the driver to drive slowly (Tcha Tcha”). Be careful to your knees especially during peak hours and ideally wear a helmet and a pollution mask to protect yourself.


What about you guys, have you ever tried motorcycle taxi before?


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