Bang Kachao: The Bangkok’s Jungle


You may want to escape from the busy city once in a while. No need to take a plane or stay in a bus for 5 hours: you actually just need to cross the river!


An unequaled haven of peace in the City

Still preserved from mass tourism, this place is known as the Green Lung of Bangkok. It is a unique place that enables you to enjoy a peaceful moment, far from the city’s pollution and traffic. You’ll find this charming forested area in the district of Phra Praedeng. This green place is preserved for its fantastic biodiversity: no need to be a huge nature lover to appreciate the variety of its flora.

You will love having a walk in the park, but it is even better on a bike. You can rent one for less than 100 baht for the whole day. Since the park is pretty big, it remains the best option for sure.


A green oasis within an urban landscape

Explore every detail of this flora and fauna, and you may bump into a varan! Contemplation is not the sole activity you could do in this green maze: try to find the Bangkok Tree house, an ecofriendly hotel. You could also see small temples. We recommend you to discover Bang Kachao on weekdays, to enjoy an experience as peaceful as possible.


How to get there ?

Google map link for Klong Toei Pier

Google map link for Bang Wat Na Nok


There are different ways to get to Bang Kachao:

  • Take a boat for only 10 baht from Bang Wat Na Nok temple, or Klong Toei Pier, near the city center. Bang Kachao is only a couple of minutes away.
  • You can also join Bang Kachao by taxi (even if the first option is better).

Once in the pier, you’ll be able to choose a bike right away, unless you want to continue by walk.

Spending a half or a whole day in Bang Kachao is definitely a relaxing and pleasant experience to do in Bangkok. It’s hard to realize Bangkok traffic is only a couple of minutes away…


Several agencies regularly organize bike tours such as Bangkok Bike Adventure, with their Green Bangkok Bike Tour.



Amazing Adventure Bangkok offers a different experience, but even more fun in Bang Kachao, through several challenges, riddles and outdoor activities in the park.



We could not resist to come back in Bang Kachao this week, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, we made a video especially for you!



So, when are you coming?

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